My Experience with Quality Life – Iris van der Laan

December 2017:
My psychologist is hash, but clear. You always talk about losing weight, but you do nothing about it! Ow, it hurts to hear, but it’s needed … here I am at 105 kg. I’ve lost 15 kg in the past year but didn’t really do anything for that.

June 2018:
The weight loss is going well, – / – 20 kg, but I notice that I’ve been “stuck” for a long time and I am not very thrilled by my increasingly weak body. Chicken breast is delicious, but it shouldn’t look like it’s hanging on your arms. I decided to put my best foot forward and respond to an advert from Quality Life personal training about the Shape Project. Personal training + nutritional guidance.

July 2018:
The time has come: my first appointment with personal trainer Leroy Grau. I am nervous, should I cancel? Will to be something for me? 1 on 1 is scary – my knees are trembling. But I do go in the end … Leroy is determined – we are going to train right away. During the training, he tells me about the project. Leroy’s decisiveness appeals to me. His knowledge about strength sports, losing weight, and nutrition as well. I still find it scary, but I flick the switch. If I want to succeed, I must literally do what I am told. Both in the field of nutrition and sport. And yes, the costs are high. Fair is fair. But in return, you can also expect something. But then you have to open up and I found that particularly difficult at the beginning.

Iris deadlifting

February 2019:
I still train with Quality Life personal training, with Leroy. And I have developed an enormous passion for strength training! Leroy’s belief in me is endless. I am convinced that personal training is so much more than just exercise. The PT is your coach, sparring partner, and supervisor in one. If I had to cry, then I could cry. If I just couldn’t carry on, I could talk about it. Leroy has delved into my very disturbed sleep pattern and has persisted until my sleep rhythm has recovered. In order to do this, he taught me how to meditate, among other things. I am eternally grateful to him for this.

And not unimportantly: where I once was 120 kg I am now 75 kg again! And the chicken arms have made way for muscles!

And that is the beauty of personal training with Quality Life: you work on both the outside and on the inside! I think it is of the utmost importance that there is a click between you and your trainer. And if you do not feel that click, indicate this. Because a really good PT will help you to find someone within his team who will suit you.

Working with Quality Life personal training has been my best decision in 2018!



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