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My Experience with Quality Life – Mirjam

If you have been doing strength training for many years like me, you probably recognize that at a certain point it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a certain level, let alone improve. And if you strive for progression, injuries to the shoulders will occur quickly, making training almost impossible and ultimately you’ll end up losing […]

My Experience with Quality Life – Iris van der Laan

December 2017: My psychologist is hash, but clear. You always talk about losing weight, but you do nothing about it! Ow, it hurts to hear, but it’s needed … here I am at 105 kg. I’ve lost 15 kg in the past year but didn’t really do anything for that. June 2018: The weight loss […]

My Experience with Quality Life – Adriana Ciocan

At the start of 2018, I made a decision that I wanted to lose weight. Over the previous year, I’d put on quite a few kilos. I’d had some success with calorie counting in the past but knew that that was really only half of the story. I realised that my aversion to exercise had […]